Appoint An Authorised Representative

With MRD Telco you may appoint an Authorised Representative to act on your behalf.

All you need to do is email us at and advise us of the following:

  1. Your account number and;
  2. Your name and contact details and;
  3. The full name of the person you wish to appoint as your Authorised Representative and contact information such as email and phone and;
  4. The level of access you wish to nominate to that person (please refer to the below access level types)

Access level types you can nominate:

  1. Full Access – Full authority to act on your behalf to make changes, obtain access to login details and any other information on your account including adding and cancelling services or
  2. Restricted Access – Restricted authority whereby information about billing and services can be obtained however changes of any kind cannot be made to the account.

Upon receipt of your request you and the authorised representative will be notified via email.