Spend Management Tools

Not only do we aim to save our customers money, we also have some tools in place to help our customers monitor their usage.

Customer Portal

You will have received with your 'Welcome' email login details to access our online Customer Portal*. Here you can log in 24/7 to:

  • Keep track of your call spend throughout the month by viewing your unbilled calls.
  • Download every statement ever issued to you.
  • Review your monthly expenditure in conjunction with our rates page and make sure you're on the plan that best meets your growing business needs.
  • Make online instant payments.
  • View your payment history.
  • Check the last known contact details you have recorded with us.

This information is REAL TIME providing you with accurate and up to date information on all your call records.

**Remember: Only share access to your customer portal with an authorised person**

Change Plans At Any Time

If at any time you want to switch plans, simply email us at: admin@mrdtelco.com.au

Barr Mobile Calls to 1300/1800 Service

Receiving a call to your 1300/1800 number form a mobile phone can be expensive you now have the option of barring all mobile phones from a local area, state or the whole country Please call 1800 88 48 48 if you wish to request this service.

State Based Barring

Only want to grow your business in your local state we can block out all other states from calling you keeping your spend under control Please call 1800 88 48 48 if you wish to request this service.

Current Rates

Check out our current plans which are always advertised on our website:

* There may be a subscription fee charged to access additional toolbox features - please contact us to find out more.