Pay In Arrears (Post-Pay) FAQ
About Pay In Arrears (Post-Pay)

Pay In Arrears (Post-Pay) means we offer you credit in advance and you pay your invoice automatically through a bank account or credit card direct debit authority.

Benefits Of Paying By Direct Debit Authority
  • Invoices are paid automatically.
  • Invoices are paid in arrears.
  • Payments can be auto-deducted through your nominated Australian bank account or your Visa, Mastercard or Amex credit card.

What direct debit fees do I pay?

The following fees apply:

  1. Bank account direct debit: $1.00 per month for the first transaction and 5% for any other customer instructed re-attempt.
  2. Credit card direct debit: Visa, Mastercard - Minimum $1.00 or 1.5% whichever is the greater. AMEX - Minimum $1.00 or 2.0% whichever is the greater
  3. Failed direct debit: $5 fee for each emailed Default Notification.
What if my direct debit fails to pay (dishonours)?

If your financial institution fails to honour our request for payment, it will give us its reason. We will then notify you of the banks reason for the non-payment. You are then to pay us within seven (7) days of our notification to pay.

If we don't receive payment by way of cleared funds within seven (7) days of our notification to pay then your services will be suspended without further notice and your account will be transferred to Pay In Advance system.

Please Note: only cleared bank funds will be applied to your account. Bank transfers may take up to five business days to clear. A direct bank deposit attracts an administrative handling fee of $10 applied to your account upon fund clearance.

How do I apply to setup a direct debit authority?

To apply for a Bank Account or Credit Card Direct Debit Aurhority, please complete one of the following Direct Debit Application Forms: