How To Setup Voice2Email

You can self-configure your Voice2Email for free through your Customer Tool Box.

To access your Customer Tool Box, you will need your 10 digits Customer ID and login password which we have previously emailed to you.

Greeting Setup

First you need to think about what you want your callers to hear as a greeting or message.

To assist you we have a small selection of 'generic' greetings from which to select.

If you wish to record your own special greeting/message you will need to create a special recording file strictly in the following format:

  1. .wav file and;
  2. PCM and;
  3. 44.1kHz and;
  4. 8 bit and;
  5. mono and;
  6. maximum of 2mb file size.

PLEASE NOTE: other file types will be auto-rejected so to avoid potential disappointments please upload the correct file format.

To assist you to record your own special greeting/message you can download a simple and free sound recording program by 'Google or Bing' search for 'Free audio recording software'.

We don't offer technical support for recording programs/software. For technical support for recording programs/software please contact the recording programs/software manufacturer/developer.

Professional Recording

If you prefer to you can purchase a professional greeting/message recording from FYI Messages On Hold or call FYI Messages On Hold on 1300 650 267.

Self-Configure Your Voice2Email

Once you have your recording, you can configure Voice2Email by following these simple steps:

  1. login to using your Customer Account Number and password
  2. Go to 'Services' tab
  3. Go to the 'Add New' tab on top of page (in blue)
  4. Go to the 'Choose Service type of Add' tab (in blue)
  5. In the 'Service Type' drop-down box click on 'Voicemail to Email'
  6. In the 'Voicemail Name' box give your Voic2email a name eg "Wayne's product greeting" (you can have multiple Voice2Emails)
  7. In the 'Email Address' box type in your email address to receive your Voice2Email audio file responses.
  8. Click 'Create Voicemail >>>'
  9. Once this service is added scroll down to 'Voicemail Services'
  10. Click on 'Manage'
  11. Go to the 'Upload Greeting'
  12. Choose the sound file by clicking the 'Browse...' button to find your .wav recording file on your computer
  13. Click 'Load file' to upload your .wav file recording from your computer
  14. Once your .wav file recording is uploaded, click 'Listen to Greeting'
  15. Go back to 'Services' tab
  16. Scroll down to 'Voicemail Services'
  17. Find the 'vm500xxxxx' number next to the name of your Voic2email, double click on this number and then copy this number.
  18. Scroll up to '1300/1800 Services'
  19. Find the 1300/1800 service number you want as Voice2Email and click 'Manage'
  20. Go to 'Routing Profile for:'
  21. Click on 'Change Profile Type'
  22. Change 'Profile Type' to 'Simple Routing'
  23. In the 'Primary Answer Point' box paste the 'vm500xxxxx' code
  24. Click on 'Submit Changes'

Test Your Voice2Email

To test your new Voice2Email follow these simple steps:

  1. Call your 1300/1800 number
  2. Listen to your Voice2Email greeting
  3. Leave a test message
  4. Open up your emails
  5. Look for the test message audio file
  6. Listen to the test message audio file

Premium Paid Assistance

Most customers choose to self-configure their Voice2email but if you are short on time or not technically minded we can setup your Voice2email service for you through our Premium Paid Assistance for a once off $55.00 incl. GST.